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Boudreaux Campbell

December 18, 2020

Boudreaux Campbell

Boudreaux Campbell has been on horses and around bulls since before he could walk. He remembers going to a rodeo with his dad when he was three or four years old in Liberty, Texas and saw all the other kids riding sheep. Immediately intrigued, he looked up and told his dad he wanted to do that. Dad brought him back a few weeks later to ride and that was it, Boudreaux was hooked for life.

Boudreaux’s dad hauled him all over the state and country for junior high and high school rodeos. He made it to the state finals for three years and all the way to nationals for two years which is definitely not an easy thing to do when you’re coming up through the ranks in Texas youth rodeo. Around the time that Boudreaux won a Texas state championship in high school, he also met Shawn Wiese, owner of Vexil. It was then and there that the two struck a deal. Shawn started sending Boudreaux clothes and patches and what would become a friendship and a business partnership grew over time.

Boudreaux was set to graduate high school in 2017. However, he chose not to high school rodeo that year in favor of getting his rodeo permit. He bought his permit in October 2016, quickly filled it, and then bought his pro card in January of 2017. Boudreaux began pro rodeoing as hard as he could as a senior in high school. He was sitting pretty consistently in the 16th or 17th spot for the majority of that year.

It wasn’t until he made a trip to Kansas a little later in the year and took third that bumped him up and gave him the momentum he needed. He went on from there to Sioux Falls for a Champions Challenge. At the challenge, Boudreaux drew a bull that Sage Kimzey had previously bucked off of so he was pretty nervous…especially because he absolutely had to ride that bull in order to make it to the NFR. He covered his bull and made it to his very first NFR in 2017 as a rookie.

Boudreaux had seen how Cooper Davis and Cody Teel started out doing predominantly PRCA rodeos and then slowly moved towards the PBR and decided to try his hand. At the same time, his relationship with Shawn and Vexil kept growing as his bull riding career grew. Shawn told Boudreaux whenever he made it to the PBR Finals, they’d have to strike another deal.

Fast forward to November of 2020 and that finally came to fruition. Boudreaux won the event in Arlington, Texas. “I’m lost for words. I’ve been working at this all year long, especially with the year we had. It was crazy. We had to go through a lot of obstacles. PBR went through a ton of stress to get us to where we are. And heck, my emotions right now are so happy.”

Boudreaux continued, ““I’ve always dreamed of a PBR World title. This is one step closer to that goal. It’s a big accomplishment.”

When asked about the PBR Finals vs. the NFR, Boudreaux says that they are both animals of their own. The PBR puts on a show and the NFR has so much history behind it but both are the top of their game and the biggest stages in the world for what he does. Boudreaux plans to continue being a major player in both the PBR and the PRCA while he’s young and able. Then when the time comes, make a decision on which way to go if it comes down to it. One thing is for sure though, no matter which association you’re looking at, Boudreaux Campbell is a name that’s not going anywhere any time soon at all.

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Article by Katie Armstrong @thekatielynn